Programming Skill ~ Guide

How to start

To Gain the Programming skill, you will need to use a computer to start the programming skill. There are computers at the library or they can be bought from the buy mode. you will unlock new interactions and items as well as new ways to make money.

Levels / Rewards

Level 1 ~ Programming will all them to Hack and Practice programming. The higher the level of the skill, the more Hacking opportunities will emerge.

Level 2 ~ Sim can now make Plugins.

Level 3 ~ Sim can now mod games.

Level 4 ~ Sim can now make viruses. Sim also can Hack School Grades (Teens only).

Level 5 ~ Sim can now perform Side Jobs.

Level 6 ~ Sim can now Hack Work Performance.

Level 7 ~ Sim can now Make Mobile phone apps.

Level 8 ~ Sim is now better at Hacking.

Level 9 ~ Sim can now make Computer Games.

Level 10 ~ Sim can now Hack Supercomputers.


Cheats / Tips / Mood

Cheat ~ Focused

Mood ~ stats.set_skill_level Major_Programming 10

Traits ~ Genius because it will help you get focused.

Aspirations ~ Computer Whiz requires programming skill.

Tip ~ Nearly every level up you will unlock a new way to earn money from this skill.

Tip ~ You can make money from this skill by most options that are unlocked.

For more:-

For more guides and tutorials check out the home page and for more videos on all things sims related check my Youtube channel, where you can Find the through the ages original challenge, tutorials/guides, sims 4 short clips of the sims 4, as well as live streams every Monday and Wednesday.

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