Classes, Dinner and who’s that boy!

Some early morning studying, before my first class, everything is riding on this, I WILL NOT live in a small village forever!!
Of course I’m running late for my first class! So caught up in studying made me late, of course it did.

So much studying but at least I am meeting all sorts of new and interesting people unlike home. It’s going well, mid week and all my professors seem to like my work and I’m managing to keep up with all my homework. My dad came to visit me on Wednesday because he was feeling bad about his less than enthusiastic reaction to me getting into university.

I can’t believe I have met so many amazing people already, time for dinner to celebrate the first successful week of many with my new besties. On to the bar and it’s my FIRST drink EVER !!!
“Hey I’m Gino you go here too?” a deep voice says behind me, I turn and look up into the most beautiful deep brown eyes I’ve ever seen.

“Hi, I umm, yes. Am I in your seat?” I know my voice is softer more breathy than normal, I can feel my cheeks heat up in embarrassment. This super hot guy is standing so close to me. Looking around I couldn’t see my roommates, oh they went to the bathroom the alcohol must be messing with my head

A soft chuckle brings me back “Are you ok?”

“yes, it’s the first time I have ever drank”

The next few hours go by in a blur

OMG What am I doing, I did say he didn’t have to come up but he insisted on getting me to my room safely.

“well you walked me to my room thank you” His stance changed so quickly, pulling me down between his thighs, I felt vulnerable.
“you are so into me, I can’t wait to feel your tight..” I gasp a pull away he had been a perfect gentle man until now.

“We have kissed but it’s been my first kiss you can’t expect that we have only known each other a couple of hours!”

The door opens and Julia walks in, “what’s going on?” she walks over as Gino walks away, I curl up on my bed crying into my pillow, alcohol clouding my brain and overwhelmed with emotions.
“baby it’s university everyone does it, you will enjoy it” He seems to be getting more and more irate about it.

“NO, the first time is supposed to be with someone I love, someone who cares for me, it should be special with flowers and music. NOT on the first night I have had a drink and the first time I have kissed a guy!!!.

Chapter 1 ~ Meet the family
Chapter 2 ~ Classes, dinner and who’s that boy
Chapter 3 ~ Stalker Alert

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