Stalker alert

Well I made it through Sunday hiding in my bed after throwing up all morning, I now know what a hang-over is yah bucket list. Thinking of the evening through and how things had just moved so quickly, I still didn’t appreciate him saying that I should have IT with him because everyone does it.

Julia was sweet though, she checked on me regularly, feeling bad for not realising that it was not only my first time drinking but also that I had never kissed a guy before. Something about girls stick together and she was a lousy friend, we hugged we cried. I got the feeling there was more at play with her guilt but I wasn’t sure.


Monday morning came and I was on top of it, dressed, healthy smoothie and I was off to classes hoping I didn’t bump into Mr Gino and luckily it was all good until that evening, me and Julia were snuggled up in the common area watching a movie when Becca comes in with a massive bunch of flowers, with a note that says “I’m sorry call me”


More Flowers with a Note, “I’m not sure you got the first bunch because you haven’t called, call me so we can chat. I need you.”


We had a study group going when the pizza man arrives, thing is we didn’t order pizza and ANOTHER note! “please call me”. This was getting creepy. I hadn’t responded to anything, it was one drunken night and it had ended with him storming out.


A teddy left at my dorm door!

“you need to call campus security now, this has been going on ages now and he’s still bugging ya”

“Julia they have better things to do, maybe I should just message once and tell him to leave me alone”

“then he has your number that could mean he starts calling” Julia’s voice is starting to tremble making my bones shake, this was getting a bit much now and was starting to scare me.

“Julian it will be fine” My fingers trembled as I sent the first message, my breath catching trying to contain my growing panic. I might have said that it would be fine but my fear was building.

stop sending gifts I don’t want them.

An instant reply

I’m so happy you messaged me baby, I have been worried you weren’t getting my gifts.

I went cold…

Friday was the last straw A single rose left on my dorm pillow with a picture of me leaving lesson.

I called Julia and we went straight to campus security, gave them all the details. They suggested while they spoke to him that I should head home for the weekend with a friend and that they would relocate me to a new dorm with a friend as well. They took it really seriously and really wanted to protect me and any person with unwanted attention.

Chapter 1 ~ Meet the family
Chapter 2 ~ Classes, dinner and who’s that boy
Chapter 3 ~ Stalker Alert

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