Animals Collosion

What is it

Animal collision is a party game in which you will choose a cute animal character and go against either 3 other players online or 4 computer animals, there are 3 rounds and you can win, draw or lose each match. While playing cute sheep will drop into the ring with a giant bomb on their back and explode randomly.

When I enters the game I was met with a clear and colourful menu, that was simple to navigate. once clicking on single (because the game is not out yet) I found another menu which was also clear.

You can chose maps and Characters However I quickly saw that there are locked maps and characters, now this is normally a good thing because we ll like to unlock things, however these are locked behind DLC tags. This worries me because this game is not out yet and it is already looking at DLC, it has it planned out and ready to go, which makes me personally feel like the developers are more concerned about making money than making a good experience for the players.

It took me a little time to work out the controllers while normally you would use left and right mouse for fighting this was not the case and it was using the arrows instead, However once I did start playing (and not getting beaten up) I found the game enjoyable and found it comical that cute little sheep with bombs on their backs’ dropped out of the sky to kill all the players.

I found it a little annoying that playing against the computer all 3 of the other characters went straight to my character to start fighting than getting each other and switching it up a bit.

The music in the game was fun and quirky and fit in with the art style and general theme of the game, I thought the animals and arenas were all well designed and were nice to look at.

I got the Key from key mailer which is a website that creators can go to, to request games to review. I did get the key for free this means, however I will always give a honest review on all games.


I will have a Video review of this game up on my channel in the next few days

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