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im a youtuber called cemmaogamer or CG, ive beenplaying alot of ark awell as a lot of other games , but im gonna do a simple walk through for ark :)

  • Simtmates Collection ~ Kit

    What it is This Kit has 24 new pieces of clothing which are all ‘fun or flirty loungewear’, as always if you are able to use CC aka custom content then you probably wont be interested, however if you can’t… Read More ›

  • Bathroom Essentials ~ Kit

    What it is This Kit brings 31 new clutter items to the game, could you get this with CC aka Custom Content yes, but can everyone NO! So if you feel your Sims bathroom is lacking for items then this… Read More ›

  • Everyday Clutter ~ Kit

    What it is This simply brings 30 pieces of clutter to fit all around the house, though for £4.99 you will need to decide if this is really worth buying when the debug cheat unlocks 100’s of hidden items. Though… Read More ›

  • Pastel pop ~ Kit

    What it is This is a kit that brings soft pastel colours that are incredibly cute looking, if pastel pink is your fav colour then this is perfect for you! It has basically everything you need for a bedroom. Items… Read More ›

  • First Fits ~ Kits

    What it is This is a kit that offers Child sims more clothing options, shoes and accessories, with clothes that an actual child would wear including the BACKPACK jumper! All of the clothes are unisex. This pack is £4.99 and… Read More ›

  • Desert Luxe ~ Kit

    What it is This pack has come out free for simmers who bought and paid for the sims 4 base game, this is because the sims 4 base game is soon to be free for all new players. however you… Read More ›

  • Werewolf Initiate

    What is it This sim wants to unleash her inner beast and become a werewolf! You will need to complete this aspiration to then be able to pick one of four other aspirations. Reward trait ~ Fanged Friends get an… Read More ›

  • How to turn into a werewolf

    Transforming? There are 4 ways to turn into a werewolf, and below I will go over each way so you can do the best way for you. CAS Of course the first and easiest way to turn into a werewolf… Read More ›

  • All Clothing from Werewolves pack

    CAS The new werewolves pack comes with some on the best clothing options to date (in my opinion), not just ripped and ragged clothing but also casual clothes that people would actually wear in real life. Clothes are also well… Read More ›

  • Werewolves ~ Game pack

    Index About Transforming Behaviour World / lots Lore skills / aspirations / careers / traits Build / buy Cas About The werewolf Game Pack, brings of course werewolves to the game, along with a new world, new cas items and… Read More ›