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im a youtuber called cemmaogamer or CG, ive beenplaying alot of ark awell as a lot of other games , but im gonna do a simple walk through for ark :)

  • Fabulously Filthy ~ Aspiration

    What is it This Sim revels in filthy, messy homes and avoids cleaning at all costs. Procrastinate, dodge chores, lower your standards, and find creative ways to thrive in the filthiest environments! This aspiration comes with the Bust the Dust… Read More ›

  • Décor to the Max ~ Kit

    What it is This is a kit that bring new décor to the sims 4, they are loud and elaborate, and more detailed than other items in the sims 4. This kit can be bought from the origin store or… Read More ›

  • Mt. Komorebi Sightseer

    What is it This sim want to explore Mt. Komorebi’s culture and experience everything it has to offer, from trying the local food and getting selfies with the area mascot to hiking and taking a soak in the hot spring,… Read More ›

  • Moonlight chic ~ Kit

    What it is Here is another Clothing kit for the sims 4, with outfits for men and women (mostly female) you can dress your sims for a night on the town. All for £4.99 from the origin store or steam…. Read More ›

  • Little Campers ~ Kit

    What it is The Little Campers Kit is a kit that brings new meshes to existing items, such as the kids drawing table and giving it a new look, and adding in new decorative items. For £4.99 from origin or… Read More ›

  • Modern Menswear ~ Kit

    What it is The Modern menswear kit is an attempt to bring new and more content to male sims. there are 24 new items that men can wear, including tops, bottoms, outfits and shoes. Clothing Other sims 4 Kits Bust… Read More ›

  • Spellcraft & Sorcery ~ Aspiration

    What is it This Aspiration will take you through how to become a spellcaster and how to rank up as well as how to learn different spells. It also comes with an good reward trait. Reward trait ~ Slinger of… Read More ›

  • Everything about SpellCasters

    Travelling to the Magic Realm Traveling to the Magic realm ~ Go to the Glimmerbrook Map, there is a portal on the left hand side of the map. Go to one of the 2 houses which are closest to the… Read More ›

  • Nerd Brain ~ Aspiration

    What is it This aspiration will make you sim both book smart and handy, You sim will go gain skill in the aspiration Handiness, Logic and Rocket Science skills. You will also gain arguably the best reward trait available. Reward… Read More ›

  • Computer Whiz ~ Aspiration

    what is it This sim wants to know everything about computers, from playing games to careers! Your sim will go through the Programming skill, Play video games and owning thousands of simoleons worth of electronics. Reward Trait ~ Webmaster gets… Read More ›