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im a youtuber called cemmaogamer or CG, ive beenplaying alot of ark awell as a lot of other games , but im gonna do a simple walk through for ark :)

  • Animals Collosion

    What is it Animal collision is a party game in which you will choose a cute animal character and go against either 3 other players online or 4 computer animals, there are 3 rounds and you can win, draw or… Read More ›

  • Dorfromantik ~ Review

    What is Dorfromantik Dorfromantik is a Strategy and puzzle game where you can create a beautiful and ever growing village landscape by placing tiles. You entre the game with one grass tile already placed, you will have tiles that you… Read More ›

  • Archaeology Scholar ~ Aspiration

    What is it This sim wants to understand Archaeology, by doing this aspiration you will learn all you can about Archaeology by completing the Archaeology skill, this will also lead to you writing a good archaeology book. Reward trait ~… Read More ›

  • Sims 4 Polls and quizzes

    What you can find here Here you can find a bunch of polls about the sims 4 and other life simulation games. New polls will appear at the top of the page.

  • Renaissance Sim ~ Aspiration

    What is it This skill will make you a jack of 6 trades master of none, you will need to learn 6 different skills and get to level 3 of 3 different skills, by the end of this aspiration. Maybe… Read More ›

  • Master Vampire ~ Aspiration

    What is it This is wants to become a wise and powerful vampire! This Aspiration will take you through Everything to do with Vampires to become the Master Vampire, you will complete the Vampire Lore Skill (you can check this… Read More ›

  • Mansion Baron ~ Aspiration

    What is it Sims with the aspiration want to owen the fanciest home, by completing this aspiration you will receive 10% rebate on all build items. The difference between Mansion Baron and Fabulously Wealthy aspirations, is that Fabulously wealthy focuses… Read More ›

  • Paranormal Investigator ~ Career

    What is it/how to join This is the only career (at time of writing) that you need to unlock, There are also only 3 jobs, easy, medium or hard this will take you to different houses. To join this career… Read More ›

  • Fashion Photographer ~ Career

    WARNING ~ while completing this guide, when using the expensive camera ‘crystal clear digital camera’ and the ‘in a flash photo studio’ My sim was not gaining the photography skill. However using the cheap ‘Barley better digital camera’ I did… Read More ›

  • Freelance Crafter ~ Career

    Broken career ~ on this career once you have sent the item to be approved and it has been, this will not completed and you will not receive money or experience. What is it Be your own boos! set your… Read More ›