Medium Skill ~ Guide

How to start To Start the Medium Skill you will need either a medium skill book or the Séance Table, the table will start with two options Commune with the departed and Sense spiritual volatility. As you progress with this… Read More ›

Social skill ~ Guide

How to start There are 4 skills (Creativity, Motor and Mental) child sims can learn that give reward traits and unlock other skills to learn. The social skill once achieved level 10 Will allow your child sim to learn Mischief… Read More ›

Motor skill ~ Guide

How to start Children can complete the motor aspiration they will receive the reward trait ‘Physically gifted’, which will give them a skill gain boost when they are teens, young adult, adult and elder. However they wont unlock new skills… Read More ›

Mental skill ~ Guide

How to start By getting to level 10 of the mental skill for children sims can unlock the ability to learn Fishing, Video gaming and Logic skill. there are some really helpful potions sim can learn on the science table…. Read More ›

Thinking Skill ~ Guide

How to start The Thinking skill will help toddlers throw less tantrums and be more capable of taking care of themselves as well as reducing defiance. Earn this skill by playing with the tab, playing flash cards with other sims… Read More ›

Movement Skill ~ Guide

How to start Learning the movement skill will increase a toddlers balance and give them more options as they progress through the skill, increase skill by dancing, moving around, playing with adults, the outside toys, nesting blocks and playing the… Read More ›