Mt. Komorebi Sightseer

What is it This sim want to explore Mt. Komorebi’s culture and experience everything it has to offer, from trying the local food and getting selfies with the area mascot to hiking and taking a soak in the hot spring,… Read More ›

Nerd Brain ~ Aspiration

What is it This aspiration will make you sim both book smart and handy, You sim will go gain skill in the aspiration Handiness, Logic and Rocket Science skills. You will also gain arguably the best reward trait available. Reward… Read More ›

Dorfromantik ~ Review

What is Dorfromantik Dorfromantik is a Strategy and puzzle game where you can create a beautiful and ever growing village landscape by placing tiles. You entre the game with one grass tile already placed, you will have tiles that you… Read More ›