This is the challenge that hooked me onto challenges, this is my muse lol. The History challenge is a challenge by Cloudseeker and Snowie with a word document with all the rules as well as an excel document which has the points system on it. This challenge has a LOT of body to it and has been around for years. I’m currently doing a play through with my own little story twist to it. Here is the video to my own playlist, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you are also doing this challenge or will be starting it.

Here is a link to the playlist with all my builds, there may not be many at the moment but it’s always growing so check back often.

My Rags to Riches playlist, I re created the rags to riches challenge to include eco lifestyle and a story line.

The boldens have been a long running series that will be back with new episodes in the near future.

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