sims 4 skills

Simtmates Collection ~ Kit

What it is This Kit has 24 new pieces of clothing which are all ‘fun or flirty loungewear’, as always if you are able to use CC aka custom content then you probably wont be interested, however if you can’t… Read More ›

Werewolf Initiate

What is it This sim wants to unleash her inner beast and become a werewolf! You will need to complete this aspiration to then be able to pick one of four other aspirations. Reward trait ~ Fanged Friends get an… Read More ›

Werewolves ~ Game pack

Index About Transforming Behaviour World / lots Lore skills / aspirations / careers / traits Build / buy Cas About The werewolf Game Pack, brings of course werewolves to the game, along with a new world, new cas items and… Read More ›