Actress/ Actor Career ~ Tutorial

The Acting career is different to most other careers and is tidy nicely to the fame system. You will go from doing soap suds commercials to Movie actor, along with that if you work the Fame system (which you will do along the way) you will go from no body to a Global Super star. This career relies heavily on the Acting Skill.

Tips ~ The game should send you home when you finish the last task, however I did experience the glitch that means once you have finished the performance it doesn’t send you home. If this happens just wait for the time event to finish.

Tip ~ there are 4 agencies in total and all offer different jobs so you will need to switch. There will be 2 available at first.

Tip ~ To rehearse with co star, hoover over sims on set until you find a co star.

Steps to completing gigs

  1. Call for a gig (i chose Makin Moosic)
  2. Choose a gig there will be requirements you need to fulfil (I needed to get level 2 guitar)
  3. Go to the interview (this is a rabbit hole) You will either pass or fail. if you fail go back to the gig options and chose another.
  4. there will now be new requirements (for making Makin Moosic I had to Practice Charisma skill and Guitar skill)
  5. Go to the job the next day there are two options ‘Join’ or ‘Send Alone’
  6. When ‘Join’ is selected you will travel to the studio with your sim
  7. Once at the studio follow the event goals to complete the day


LevelPromotion Reward
1. uncredited Extra
2. Background Actor£200 + Voidcritter Stage and Costume
3. Commercial Spokesperson £250 + Camping Adventure stage, Home stage
4. Guest star£350 + Pirate & French Court Costumes, Pirate Ship Wheel & Pirate Ship Stage
5. supporting Actress £400 + Hospital Drama Stage, Police Drama Stage
6. Sitcom Star£600 + Apocalyptic Costumes and Apocalyptic Scene Stage
7. Rising Star £800 + Western Stage and Victorian Drama Stage
8. Season Thespian£1,200 + Medieval Costumes, Medieval Adventure Stage, Creature and Alien Costumes
9. Superstar£1,500 + City Street Stage, Romantic Garden Stage
10. Silver Screen Icon£1,800 + Super Hero Costumes, Super Hero Headquarters Stage, Sci-Fi Costumes


GigRequirements PayVideo Link
Vladislaus HardwareLevel 2 Handiness £140 to $425commercial
Preclinical Pharmaceuticals Level 2 Comedy£150 to £450Commercial
Making MoosicLevel 2 Guitar£155 to £490Commercial
VoidBobLevel 2 Fitness£160 to £475
Salty suds CommercialLevel 2 Charisma£170 to £500Commercial
Growing up CrumplebottomLevel 3 Handinedd$450 to £1,200TV Show
Critters from the Mauven ForestLevel 3 Guitar£455 to £1,250
The UrbzLevel 3 Comedy£465 to £1,225
Wild FlamesLevel 3 Comedy£470 to £1,275
Dead sea Adventures Level 3 Fitness£475 to £1,300
Detective LawLevel 5 Fitness£1,215 to £2,775
Dignity & Decorum Level 5 Charisma£1,225 to £2,750
Last town in the westLevel 5 Guitar£1,240 to 2,800
Residency of the Heart Level 5 Charisma£1,185 to £2,725
Treasures of AarbyvilleLevel 7 Fitness£3,115 to £6,650
Of Tea and Treachery Level 7 Charisma£3,075 to £6,400
The Sheriff from Alpha Centurium Level 7 Comedy£3,075 to £6,475
Captain Sigma: Olympus LandingLevel 7 Fitness£3,085 to £6,575
Tournament of Honor Level 7 Charisma£3,095 to £6,540
Melodies of the CityLevel 7 Charisma £3,100 to £6,500

For more:-

For more guides and tutorials check out the home page and for more videos on all things sims related check my Youtube channel, where you can Find the through the ages original challenge, tutorials/guides, sims 4 short clips of the sims 4, as well as live streams every Monday and Wednesday.

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